Everlodge Token ($ELDG)

The Everlodge token is the driving force behind the NFT marketplace, $ELDG allows our investors to benefit from a host of benefits whilst providing discounts and bonuses. Built on the Ethereum blockchain $ELDG will be launched on Uniswap after the presale is completed. Investors wanting to purchase NFT’s on the Everlodge marketplace will require $ELDG to cover transaction fees creating a real world utility for $ELDG ensuring a real world use case.
Passive Income - By staking Everlodge tokens, token holders have the opportunity to generate a passive income.
Rewards - Gain access to exclusive monthly rewards, including exciting holiday giveaways and cash prizes.
Membership - The purchase of presale tokens automatically grants eligibility for our exclusive Everlodge private members club.
Discounts - Token holders can leverage their tokens to enjoy discounts on trading fees and purchases within the Everlodge ecosystem.
Presale Supply:
Initial Price:
Launch Price:



Everlodge will have a vesting period upon presale completion to ensure stability upon launch without unexpected price dumps. Tokens are vested for a period of 6 months, $ELDG will be airdropped as followed:
  • 25% Upon Initial launch.
  • 15% monthly for the remaining months.
Tokens will be airdropped on the 17th of every month, please note that the first 25% airdrop will occur 8 days after the DEX launch.